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Before I even played my first game of airsoft, I bought a full loadout.

I know, I know. People say to rent and play a few games before you buy but I knew I was going to love playing, so jumped in and got what I thought was going to be everything I needed.

For clothing, I decided to go with viper tactical trousers and a combat shirt in V-Cam.

Being so Petite (4ft 11) of course it was big on me, but I made it work ish. They were delivered quickly, and they are really good quality, especially for the price. I went with a Dye I4 Facemask as the one place I was really worried about getting hit was my face.

To carry my extra magazines, smoke grenades and all my other

equipment, I decided to go with the viper VX Buckle-up set in Black V-Cam. I really like this set with some easy adaptations, I changed the straps from the utility rig to the backpack straps so I could have some extra storage. I then added the triple rifle mag sleeve, pistol and double pistol mag sleeve to the inside of the utility rig. Finally, I added the dangler pouch to carry some smoke grenades.

I also decided to run with a Battle Buddy, who now runs with me every time I play stashed away looking out of my backpack he always has my six. My awesome Battle Buddy is from the Hero Paws Charity.

My first guns

I decided to go with the G&G GR4 G26 Black rose

for my primary. Mainly because it was Pink/Purple which looks awesome. Out of the box, it was shooting 328 fps on 0.20G BBs. Being front wired it has loads of battery space I went with the largest capacity battery that would fit. I added a simple red dot sight and a one-point sling before going to my first game.

For my secondary, I went with a Vorsk Hi-Capa 3.8 pro in Black and purple. What can I say I love the colour and design. I grabbed an extra 23-round magazine as I didn’t think one would be enough.

The one thing I didn't really think about was Shoes. I'm not a fan of boots so I decided I would just wear my Vans. I have a pair that were designed for hiking so thought they would be good enough, to begin with maybe one day I’ll find a pair of boots that I like.

I also wore a hat with cat ears to my first game! This is now forever going to be my thing; I must have ears on any loadout. It’s awesome to hear after a game who I managed to hit, and the ears just get recognised. And of course, no rig is set up without patches!

That’s it for this blog thanks for reading and if you think I’m missing something, or you have a recommendation let me know!!

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