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First ever game day

Here's how my first game went!

My first game was late summer Just 4 weeks after having a baby!

A lot of people suggested renting for your first few games to get a feel for the game and to make sure you enjoy it. Me.. I just dived straight into the deep end and brought all the kit including a Rifle & Pistol which I will go into in my upcoming kit Blog.

Leading up to my first game day I discussed with friends that already play if they had any tips or tricks, and one of the best tips was to double up on layers so I chose to wear leggings and a vest top under my combat clothing.

For my first game, I wanted it to be somewhere local and Celtic Country Sports was recommended by some friends, so I managed to plan a game day with them. I was still a little nervous to get hit and I knew my anxiety would be sky-high leaving my 4 month old baby for a full day along with meeting loads of new people. However, the Staff at Celtic were incredible, they were so friendly and easy to talk to.

The First game we played was Capture the Flag. There were 3 flags in total.

1 on the left ridge, 1 in the middle & 1 on the right ridge.

As it was my first time playing, I stuck with my partner and some of our teammates. We managed to secure the Left ridge and I decided to stay there and keep watch so it couldn't be stolen from us. I got a few kills, and we kept the flag! However, someone managed to sneak up the ridge and point their pistol at me and said Bang, Bang.

Turned out my partner saw but wanted to see how it would play out and how I would react.

I just looked and took the hit like ok byeeee.

Went to thank the player after the game for not shooting me, he said "normally I would have shot you" but he knew that I was a new player. He then announced to everyone as he is the owner and a Marshal, that the bang, bang rule doesn't exist on their site. Not that I would have had a chance to even try to shoot him.

After the first game, I was struggling to breathe and was a little bit wobbly, I didn’t realise how much exercise this was going to be. The staff and my partner said it was best for me to sit out for a game to hydrate and to make sure I was ok. I also didn't realise it was the hottest day of the year which of course did not go well with Anxiety & double layers.

I got talking to one of the staff members and we got talking so much I missed a few games, next thing I knew it was lunchtime!

After a really good burger, I got back in to play the last few games where we attacked and defended the village. I don’t remember who won but I had loads of fun and that’s what really counts!!

The last game they normally play at Celtic they call gulag. They do a combination of 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 games. I decided not to play this game, instead stood to the side of the play area with a marshal and watched the carnage. It was awesome to see everyone’s different play styles.

And just like that the day was over I packed all my kit into my car, had a few conversations with the remaining players and headed home for a well-deserved bath.

Big Thank you to everyone over at Celtic country sports they run an amazing site and I will definitely be heading back soon.

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