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Dragon Valley Game Day

My first FULL DAY of Airsoft was at Dragon Valley they use RAF Caerwent in Newport.

We got up super early to meet the team at a service station McDonald’s. I had my usual breakfast of Red Bull, and we then convoyed to the site. On arrival, we were directed to park next to the main gate as the land is still owned by the MOD you have to be escorted to the play area.

Once everyone was set up and ready to go, they did the safety briefing and put us in our teams. Being a larger site Dragon Valley prefers to play more milsim-based games with ammo limits and lives. The morning however was Fast paced attack and defend style games.

My team was first to defend we were given 3 buildings and our objective was to try and survive an onslaught of enemies. We had 1 life in each building once we got killed we would fall back to the next.

I don't think I did too bad. I managed to get a couple of kills.

My first kill was a guy that came around a corner and I managed to shoot him in the nuts.. followed by another 2 as I had already pulled the trigger. I did however very quickly put my hand up slightly as an apology as I had no intention of shooting him there.

That round me and my partner managed to hold a building the longest, I died shortly before the round ended. However, he managed to secure the round by surviving throughout as the other team did not realise he was still alive they kept thinking it was friendly fire.

After that, we went on to defend the next Building. I found this little cubby hole that I could fit in, however I did NOT stay there long, I had this image of a grenade coming into the room and me being screwed with nowhere to go. Just as I was getting out of the box I felt taps on my feet, I wasn't sure if they were hits or ricochets so I decided to take them as a hit just in case. Rather safe than sorry.

On to the last building, I managed to find a hiding spot in, there was a door leaning against the wall so I sat behind it waiting for the enemy team to invade in the hope they wouldn't think to check it. People on my team were checking with the Marshals if it was ok, and the Marshal said "it's cute, I'll allow it" awesome!

Many of my team kept pointing and waving to me behind the door, so I would wave back or wiggly the ears on my hat. Eventually, the enemy team invaded. In the direction I was looking there was a door to a side room that they could come from, however someone just stepped around the corner and pre-fired without really checking if anyone was there. This annoyed me more than it should, I called hit and climbed out. I don't even think I could have gotten them if I was fast enough.

The afternoon games were spread out across the wider site, and it is a huge site.

They came up with a backstory to the objectives it doesn’t affect play it just adds a little something to the games. Our main objective was to gather “gold bars” and deliver them to a convoy. The convoy was an old APC and truck left on the site by the MOD.

The only downside I found with the site was constantly going straight into games with no breaks in between, so if people wanted to refill ammo, they either had to hold up the whole team or the game would start without them. This to be fair is down to the players not being prepared. There was also nothing provided for lunch, which kind of sucks as it's a long day and you are unable to leave the site till the end of the day.

Overall, it was a great day. The team I was on smashed it and we won the most games. I got my first "battle wound" from what I'm guessing was a sniper. Helped me realise being shot is not that bad. I also managed to last the whole day it was a little cooler.

Thanks to all the marshals for a good day.

See you next time!

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